Marco Arduino fotografo reportage in francia

I started studying photography at the age of 15 and after more than three decades, my passion for photography has not changed.
Fascinated and intrigued by light and human emotions, I narrate reality through my images, in a creative blend of art, photojournalism, and documentation.
My photography studio specializes in travel reportage, food and stock photography.
My experience in these fields has led me to collaborate exclusively with the ‘Sime Photo’ photographic agency since 2017.
Over the years, my photos have also been published in prestigious magazines such as National Geographic, Geo magazine, Lonely Planet, Condè Nast Traveler and other important publications.
In 2022, I achieved another significant milestone with the publication of my first book, titled ‘Tutti Frutti,’ released by ‘Sime Books.’ This book marks an important chapter in my career, as it provided me with valuable insights into the world of publishing.
Today, I spend most of my time traveling, capturing moments through my lens, and meeting people with the goal of exploring the world.
My creations consistently feature high-quality imagery, available for licensing or as prints. Beyond traditional photography, I hold certification as a drone (UAV) pilot, providing a unique aerial perspective to my art

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