Alto Piemonte

Discover the beauties of this surprising territory through my photographs of Alto Piemonte.
Alto Piemonte, nestled in the northwest of Italy, is a land of remarkable diversity. Its landscapes span from the grandeur of the Alps, graced by peaks like Monte Rosa, to the rice fields of the Lower Vercellese and Novarese, to the tranquil shores of Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore.
It extends to the alluring vineyards that adorn the rolling hills, a tapestry of colors that evolve with the seasons and emotions. All these elements are bound by history, culture, gastronomy, architecture, and countless activities.
My photographs of Alto Piemonte capture the beauty and essence of this territory. It’s an attempt to reveal the wonders and awe-inspiring vistas that I’ve had the privilege to encounter and continue discovering over the years.
If you have an interest in promoting this area or collaborating on bespoke projects, my collection of photographs of Alto Piemonte is here to accompany you on this extraordinary voyage.

Marco Arduino - Fotografo - coming soon