Travel Photography

Travel photography transcends the mere act of capturing images in different places; it’s a medium for storytelling, an avenue for sharing emotions, and a tool for encapsulating the beauty and diversity of our world. As a travel photographer, I embrace the role of a visual storyteller, one who can whisk viewers away on journeys to […]

Aerial photography

Aerial photography using drones, or SAPR (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System), offers the ability to capture stunning images of landscapes and structures from previously unexplored angles. Drone photography enables the creation of spectacular, visually impactful images that stand the test of time. It finds applications in various contexts, including architectural photography for documenting historic villages and […]

Alto Piemonte

Discover the beauties of this surprising territory through my photographs of Alto Piemonte. Alto Piemonte, nestled in the northwest of Italy, is a land of remarkable diversity. Its landscapes span from the grandeur of the Alps, graced by peaks like Monte Rosa, to the rice fields of the Lower Vercellese and Novarese, to the tranquil shores […]


Food photography, often referred to as gastronomic photography, is an art form that extends far beyond mere documentation of delectable dishes. It is a discipline that encapsulates the aesthetics, flavors, and emotions of culinary creations, essentially rendering food as a visual masterpiece. In food photography, the art of composition is paramount. Elements such as dish […]


Architectural photography is an authentic art form, dedicated to the portrayal of the splendor inherent in buildings and architectural masterpieces, as each one narrates a unique story. From the timeless elegance of ancient civilizations to the contemporary allure of glass and steel structures, architecture stands as one of the most dynamic and consistently evolving forms […]

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